How to Properly Rate a Restaurant

It is important to understand how to properly rate a restaurant before giving it five stars or lesser. There are many types of restaurants offering different services, and each of them attracts different clients. This depends on the kinds of services available and the way they are provided. However, there are common features of restaurants that you should check out for, no matter the type or level. However, you want to rate a restaurant, consider the following aspects: First, eat out often. You need to eat at the restaurant underrating a number of times and eat several dishes at that restaurant before rating it.

Atmosphere or ambiance: The moment you step into the restaurant, what impression do you first get? First impression matter a lot as it determines whether or not you will spend some tangible time there. The neatness, comfortability, elegance odor of the environment both inside and around the restaurant is very important. Clients should not be chased away by bad smells of waste food or by flies all over the place.


Reception on arrival: What level of reception do you get when you enter a restaurant? The receptionist should give you all necessary basic information such as the direction to take from the entrance to the respective place you want to go within the restaurant.


Food: This may be possibly the most important part and a reason for visiting a restaurant. Most clients will be attracted to food inns that prepare delicious meals. Be fair. Don’t give a low rating just because they don’t have ketogenic diet dessert recipes when the resto isn’t meant to cater to specific diets. To evaluate the food a restaurant offers, check out for: the look or appearance- Overall quality of foods used- The level of taste satisfaction- The level of food presentation


– How much it costs

– The degree to which description of the food was met- A suitable temperature for the food served


The feeling you experience after a meal also matter. Do you tend to have stomach upsets after that dish? Do you feel gross and sickly after eating it? Do you feel content and wish you would have a meal at that restaurant over and over again?


Cleanliness: To properly rate a restaurant, check out for the cleanliness of its environs. Does it look clean? If you find yourself wiping the seat before you sit, or wipe your table before you place your plate on it, then there is a high probability that the restaurant attendant are not up to the task to keep high the hygiene and cleanliness of their restaurant.


Service provision: Rate the service providers of that particular restaurant. They should be friendly, pleasant, communicative efficient, knowledgeable neat and presentable. This contributes a high percentage of client’s comfort and dining experience while in the restaurant.


Location: A restaurant should be located in busy places where it can be competitive. It should be for example located near schools, business buildings or universities. The environment of the location also matters as it gives the general outward picture and impression to the clients.


Ask questions: Find out why the chef is doing something new or original. If the chef deconstructs and reconstructs a traditional dish, get to understand the original dish before critiquing the new one.